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We are always our client’s advocates.

With our Full service design option, we handle every detail of your project for you.

We design, we purchase, oversee and coordinate everything on behalf of our clients.

From the initial analyses consultation  through the creative concept, development phases procurement to project management and implementation. We are there at every step.

We keep you informed and up to date on a weekly basis via email.

The initial in depth analysis consultation allows us to get a true picture of what you love to be surrounded with and the lifestyle you wish to create. We follow with an equally detailed study of the interior or exterior space.

The goal of our Full Service Interior Decorating or Design package is to take the worry off of you so you can carry on with your life and what is important to you.

Our Full Service minimum budget requirements are –

Design projects minimum 25,000.00
Design/Construction minimum 75,000.00

Design Fees for our Full service 15-18% of overall budget depending on project scope.

Please note Design Fees are additional to budget spend on project.

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90 mins – 795.00 – Payable upon booking via e-transfer or credit card

With our Onsite Design Consultation we meet at the project site. You give us a quick tour of the room(s).
We provide you with design guidance and answer any questions within that 90 minute time period.

Consultation fees includes answering questions during the 90 minutes consultation. It does not include any written or follow up information. We advise you to take detailed notes.

Follow up email questions will be billed in increments of 15minutes.

To ensure you get the most out of the 90 minute time limit we will email you with a detailed list of how to prepare for the consultation.

Please note- if I arrive at your home and we come to the conclusion that you have too much too deal with and this is not the right service for you. We will not proceed with consultation.
You will be charged 250.00. We will reconvene and begin working on your project with a more fitting approach.

For more information or to book an Onsite Design Consultation email


Ideal if you are stuck on making a decision around product selection or placement.

The 60 minute virtual design consultation using Zoom is all done remotely and answers one question or specific problem. Advice is provided during the 60 minute time limit and one follow up email listing the top 2 design solutions for your problem as discussed during consultation.

Payable upon booking via e-transfer or credit card.

Once paid in full we will email you with detailed instructions on how to best prepare for the consultation.

For more information or to book a Virtual Design Consultation email us at