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Fernanda Cunha

Principal at Fernanda Cunha Interiors

Fernanda Cunha, known for her highly detailed approach to designing is a recognized name in the luxury home design industry.

Her signature design approach of creating a space that emotionally connects the client with their home is evident in every project, big or small.

As Founder and Principal Designer at Fernanda Cunha Interiors, Fernanda continues to work with her clients on home renovations, design and interior decorating projects. Her unique holistic approach ensures both functional and aesthetic aspects are met while creating a desired sensory experience.

“How a room feels is as important, as how it looks.”

A lifelong passion for the Arts and Interior Design combined with formal education in Library Studies and Interior Decorating are at the root of Fernanda’s highly structured, detailed, and personalized approach to design.

Fernanda’s over thirty-five years of design journey began as a child in Angola, Africa. Her passion for travel and a deep desire to understanding diverse cultures exposed her to different viewpoints  and lifestyles.  She believes that reaction to all elements of design is highly emotional and connects to personal experience and perception.

“In surrounding ourselves with our personal favourite colours, textures and items which evoke feelings of happiness and good memories, we enrich and enhance the quality of our lives.”

Fernanda carefully studies the unique ways in which her clients use their spaces and through this she delivers rooms that work hard to make day-to-day life easier, delivering exceptional, beautiful, and timeless interiors.

Her commitment to creating a home that speaks to her clients’ emotions and practical needs is seen in every luxury home she has worked with. Fernanda currently resides in Canada, serving clients locally and internationally.

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