How Hiring a Designer May Make You Happier

People decide to invest in a home interiors design professional for different reasons.

Most, simply don’t know where to start. Although they have an idea of what is needed or wanted, they lack the knowledge or know how required to bring all the necessary elements together. Furthermore, information overload resulting from browsing the web, creates confusion which in turn leads to anxiety.
Others, just don’t have the time it takes. They have a good idea of what they would like, but a busy schedule simply does not allow it. Often times this client also wants inside information on the best new artists and trends.

However, they both agree that renovating and upgrading their home is a complicated and costly endeavour, requiring expertise and skill and bringing an experienced designer on board will ensure that their money is spent properly and avoid expensive mistakes. They both agree that it is a worthwhile investment.

But regardless of what my clients say their initial motivations were in hiring me, I know the main factor that is truly driving them to hire a designer: They’re seeking a little more peace and sense of happiness.
They may not use those words, but we all want to be happy, and all of my interior design clients have realized in some form that creating a space where they feel comfortable is one of the best ways to secure more happy, peaceful moments in their lives.

It’s true that hiring an Interior Designer or Decorator can make you happier. Here’s a little more about why that happens.

Warm and Welcoming Transitions
In most households, at least one member of the family works outside the home. And in many households with school-aged kids, a majority of the family may leave the house for 8 or so hours a day.
When your family comes back home and to their comfort zone each day, they should feel relieved and at ease. Those feelings are much easier to evoke when they can walk into a space that’s thoughtfully planned out and looks inviting.

Adults, especially, may have to constantly push aside a nagging to-do list when they walk into a space that’s designed in a way that they don’t like — or one that’s in the midst of several DIY design projects.
Some of this stress may happen on a completely subconscious level. But just take a moment to imagine walking into a home that’s full of objects that you love, and into a space that feels completely finished and cozy. These are the kinds of moments that can truly influence your mental health in a positive way.

An Organized Home translates into Peace of Mind

Studies have shown that disorganized spaces make people feel more anxious.
It’s not difficult to understand why. When you walk into a messy room, your brain is tickled by each out of place object. Unfinished projects and scattered items, signal the brain, adding to a subconscious to-do list which in turn raises the level of stress.

When things are not where they are supposed to be, finding what you need is harder, and getting important tasks done becomes increasingly more difficult and frustrating. Time spent looking for your keys, a certain document or a crucial item required to complete a school project, can often make you late for important deadlines, which, in turn continues the cycle of frustration thus elevating stress.

Designers do more than make a space “pretty.” They make it functional. They create an intentional place for everything that you or your family is already doing. They may suggest a beautiful bookcase or magazine rack for the periodicals that are strewn all over the coffee table, for example, or insert plans for a workspace with a filing system in the area where mail and documents tend to pile up. Designers not only study how you use the various rooms in your home, but they also focus on how you use essential items.

More Space for Meaningful Work

Most of us can look at the way we currently spend our time and see room for improvement.
Maybe we want to spend more time together as a family, whether that’s together at home on a board game or out on outdoor adventures. Those goals can be reflected in your home design — such as with a gaming space that accommodates everyone, or with space that makes it easy for you to store and access your camping gear.
You may want to upgrade the way your family eats or spend more time cooking. That goal gets a lot easier when you have a pleasant space to prepare food and a well-organized kitchen.

If you are one of the many people who have started working from home in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic, you may find that a better designed, clutter-free home office makes it easier for you to get better work done in less time.

Take the above working and living space: although the storage and function aspects
were met by taking full advantage of floor and wall space,the desired mood, was mostly achieved, through the use of colour.

The calm ethereal emotion one experiences while interacting with this room, is a product of clean lines, soft texture and especially the application of Benjamin Moore’s Whitestone (2134-60).

With a Light Reflectance Value of 61.65, Whitestone, is one of my favourite hues. Wrapping the whole interior in Whitestone, created the perception of more room but the feeling of a light and soft blanket.
I love the slight blue undertone which plays nicely with whatever light source is present, at any time of day, illuminating the room thus creating a peaceful and serene mood. For more read:

The bottom line is that I truly believe that designing your home to fit your unique family and self, paves the way for designing the kind of life you want to live. That in turn paves the way for your own kind of happiness.

Encouragement to Grow Into Your Ideal Self

I’m certainly not pushing interior design as the way to cure all the world’s ills or as a sure-fire way to obliterate stress, but at some point it is important to recognize that just like eating the right foods and exercising on a regular basis is imperative for a healthy life, so is creating a healthy home interior environment.
This healthy environment should be conducive to productivity when need be, but also a place where one finds calm, peace and enjoyment for everyday living.
Interior designers help take on the task of creating spaces that nurture us and help us change for the better.

Creating the perfect environment for living isn’t easy. Professionals can do the work more quickly and efficiently than those who are just trying to squeeze design tasks in around their primary responsibilities.
Hiring a designer can actually save you money! Remember that the wrong piece will often cost you more than the right one, because you will need or want to replace it.

Ultimately, our clients understand that investing in design services is an investment towards quality of life.

If you think you are ready to invest in your happiness by working with us, we invite you to check out our portfolio.


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