Murphy Beds: A Comfortable Solution

Named after William Lawrence Murphy (1876–1957), a Murphy Bed functions using a hinged based mechanism which allows it to store vertically against a wall while maximising floor space. 

Murphy Beds offer a great design solution for any small space where a good night’s sleep is as important as the other routines potentially going on in that same room during the day.

We tend to think of spare rooms or home office/guest bedroom combinations as the usual scenario, however Murphy Beds offer an essential and practical option to anyone living the very common one-bedroom reality.

Designs may feature all kinds of bells and whistles: fancy lighting, the best exotic type of woods or finishes, but if you are on a budget, safety and easy-to-use properties are the priority.

The mechanism matters, and investing on quality is worth it. 
It must provide safety and allow for easy and efficient movement. 

This is NOT where you should be cutting cost if working on a low budget.

In this particular design project we were asked to transform a small, overcrowded (wall to wall/ floor to ceiling) space into a full-time home-based business office; providing lots of organized storage capacity, exposed product display, a bed for the occasional guest and a much needed large desk area not shown in these shots. 

Featuring high quality white melamine, we designed a unit to include both open and closed shelving space, along with the required twin size bed. 

The side shelving units are stationary. Standard shelf depths provide plenty of space for storage or display requirements.

Doors at the bottom create the ideal solution for the not-so-pretty things wanted out of sight. 

The middle shelving area slides easily out of the way to provide access to a concealed bed frame. 

Shallow depth allows for additional display or storage whilst maintaining overall design balance. 

A good mattress supported by a high quality support slat system, dressed in the finest bed linens one can splurge on, completes the much needed sleeping experience. 

Closet space behind mirrored doors was designed to allow additional storage to meet clients’ requirements. 

An L-shaped desk working station on the opposite side takes full advantage of the marvellous views and natural light provided by floor to ceiling windows. 

This interior living-working environment features an aesthetically pleasing design combined with the necessary practical amenities. 

It looks good but it is also practical! 
This room “works hard” every day!