A Serendipitous Visit to the Tea Room

An 8am visit to a brand new job site, followed by a trip to one of our favourite stone and tile design partners and a hair-raising adventure on Highway 401 brought us to the City of Markham, more specifically to what is known as Markham Village one of its three heritage districts.

To our surprise my daughter and I found ourselves with one hour of spare time in between appointments!

Food, of course was the first thing that came to mind and with it an opportunity to visit a place we had often driven by, yet never with enough time to stop – The Old Curiosity Tea Shop and as it turns out a truly Victorian inspired Tea room!

Upon entering met by a friendly smile, the soothing sound of classical music and the warmth of time worn fabrics, wood finishes and objects reminded us of what seems to be a time gone bye…

As a designer, I have always believed that my job is foremost about delivering a dream, a lifestyle, a series of emotions. The physical space is secondary to the life happening in it.

In this quaint little tea room, my belief was once again reinforced. Even before we tasted the traditional finger sandwiches, the pot of loose/leaf tea and the most delicious currant scones served with rich clotted cream and preserves (highly recommended because they were truly one of the best I have had in a while).

The Old Curiosity Tea Shop, delivered what we were actually looking for: a bit of peace, a bit of calm and a touch of serenity in the middle of a chaotic day.

Mixed with the occasional giggle, several gasps over how delicious the scones were, a precious mother and daughter moment which will be remembered for a long time.